Crochet Terms Translation Project

Have you come across a gorgeous pattern written in a foreign language? Clicked on google translate and ended up with gobbledegook? Well I have far too often. Sometimes I get a really close translation: 2 ??, 6 x, sorta thing. If I only knew what ?? was!

Well Rhondda Mol at OOmbawka Design has created and on-going Translation Project! There are so many (Crochet Terms) languages translated already, and she’s asking for mote contributions from crocheters out there.

This is an incredible resource, and I thank Rhondda and all the contributors from the bottom of my yarny heart!!

Here is this brilliant link:

Scroll through and see how much has already been done!

This one is especially for my fellow South Africans:

Afrikaans Crochet Terms and U.S. Crochet Terms

Bless you!

the gentle art of crochet

I remember the first time I tried to crochet.

It was long before youtube, pinterest and the internet. I think I bought a crochet book at the hospice and all the necessary tools at the local wool shop…… and the struggle started.

It was not an easy journey.

Now, after many decades I absolutely love to crochet! Where it was frustrating and complicated it is now relaxing and energizing and the feeling of completing something is so GOOD!

I felt quite confident with my crochet skills, making hats, scarfs, blankets that turned into cushion covers (it is sometimes difficult to finish something you know) ….. but reading a pattern was still a daunting task. The magical land of crochet diagrams and written patterns was out of my reach and something I struggled with and contributed to a few grey hairs!

With this in mind something beautiful was created… The Gentle…

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KCACO-UK 2016 | Everything is Cool and Groovyghan | Starts Jan 13 2016

I love Groovyghans, would you like to join? Follow the links

Keep Calm and Crochet On U.K

Everything-Is-Groovyghan Logo

Following a poll I conducted on Facebook, about doing a Crochet-A-Long (CAL) for 2016, and if I did what we should do the CAL on, the resounding answer was for a ‘Groovyghan’.  This is rather cool because I’ve always wanted to have a go at making one…and now I get to design one!

The ‘Everything is Cool and Groovyghan CAL’ will start on 13 January 2016. The tutorials for each part will be released every two weeks on a Wednesday on my blog where they will remain available forever.

This is a mystery crochet-along for a rectangular mixed motif blanket where either blocks or rows will be introduced every two weeks. Lots of different shapes and stitches will be incorporated so it won’t get boring and there will be plenty of opportunity to play with colour!

As well as posting information on this blog I’ll also be linking the information in my KCACO-UK Community Facebook Group, which if it’s…

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Caring for your Crochet Hooks – An Overlook Habit

This is an invaluable article, These are the tools that keep me creative anf happy, they deserve to be well looked after! Thank you so much!

Crochet With Passion

2013-04-02 14.38.13

Over time I have invested a lot of money in a rather nice collection of crochet hooks. Crochet hooks that are meant to last a life time, and with proper storage and care you could add life to your hooks. I have found that in my students that there is often an overlooked habit that most crocheters do not consider. This post will be on how to care for your crochet hooks. With your hooks being the main tool of your craft, you do not want to go through the expense of buying the same hook over and over again because you damaged or lost the first one. For every hook you have to repurchase is one less skein of yarn you will buy.

Storing Crochet Hooks:

When I first started crocheting I kept my hooks in a Pringles potato chip canister. What I did not realize at the time…

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The smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention…

This is really awesome!


Here it is all complete… and I

love, love, love it.  


Made from scraps, excluding the edging, this little blanket has provided me with the hooky colour therapy that I so needed.  I had made many of these charming squares at the end of other projects, not really being sure of their final purpose.

mini squares made from scraps mini squares made from scraps

Perhaps a cushion or a giant blanket I thought, big enough for all the robins to snuggle under…yes! that is what I decided upon, a large endeavour of love made from these little, beautiful components and so I started. And so it has remained, unloved at times or loved from afar, but most certainly unfinished and alas my latest commitments made the hooky pleasure of this project impossible.

I love a simple granny! I love a simple granny!

No, a king sized blanket out of tiny granny squares became a lingering burden…and so with some…

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A new treasure unveiled in Kruger; the Pafuri Border Camp

This is fantastic news! I’d love to go up for a visit, it’s been ages since we were in the Park! What a wonderful article and gorgeous photos!

de Wets Wild

An omnipresent sense of history permeates the grounds and buildings of Pafuri Border Camp, with the call of a wild frontier on your doorstep clarion clear and impossible to refuse.

Here at Pafuri in the Far North of the Kruger National Park, Harold and Tiny Mockford built their lives, raised a family, grew old. From 1938 to 1985, Mockford was the recruiting agent and administrative officer at the labour recruitment station established at Pafuri by the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA, colloquially simply “Wenela”, later TEBA – The Employment Bureau of Africa) to provide migrant workers for the mushrooming gold mines at Johannesburg.

Comprising the beautifully restored and period-furnished residences inhabited by the Mockfords and other WNLA / TEBA staff, the Pafuri Border Camp will offer overnight accommodation in three very spacious self-catering units: the one-bedroom (4-sleeper) Mockford Cottage, the three-bedroom (6-sleeper) Doctor’s House, and the four-bedroom (8-sleeper) Mockford House. Relaxing on the wide verandas that wrap around the houses, enclosed…

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top fashion designers use knitting, crochet and embroidery for Spring/Summer 2016

Once again an excellent article

ralph lauren october 2015 hellohart_com

I’m always on the look out for the latest fashion with a touch of handcrafted goodness. Fashion week in London, New York and Paris (about 3-5 weeks ago) did not disappoint me! There were MANY outfits with knitted detail, crocheted touches and free style embroidery to drool over. Here are a few of my favourite outfits (with some notes on what caught my eye) by some pretty famous designers for Spring/Summer 2016.calvin klein october 2015 hellohart_com

norma kamali october 2015 hellohart_com

lemaire october 2015 hellohart_com

prada 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

gucci 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

gucci 2 october 2015 hellohart_com

christopher kane october 2015 hellohart_com

more christopher kane october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 1 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 2 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 3 october 2015 hellohart_com

dolce and gabbana 4 october 2015 hellohart_com

Have a fantastic weekend!


PS To explore more of the latest fashion click HERE

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