Special Memories of Mom

I love to Scrapbook.
I devoted a page each to my Dad and my Mom
My Dad was easy, I knew him as a person.
He died when I was 20 years old.
His page title is
My Knight in Shining Armour.
My mothers‘ page title is
Special Memories.

Page 1 was easy.
Page 2 not so much.
Choosing photos wasn’t so hard. I only have a few anyway,
so it was “the best of” that made the cut.
Writing down the memories was the problem.
Mom died just before my 10th birthday, 43 years ago
I only have little snippets of memory, here and there.
The memories I do have, are feelings and impressions,
not actual events or times we shared.
I used quotes that fit those feelings and impressions

Happy Mothers Day Mom
I love you


Papercraft: Mini-Albums

Here in South Africa, Mothers’ Day is coming up in May.
I think these Mini-Albums make great  combination Mothers Day Cards and gifts for Moms, Moms-in-law and Grannies too.


The two of you can have meaningful bonding time choosing photos, pictures, words or quotes that are special to the two of you.

Or you can present a completed Album to her,
letting her know how special she is to you.

I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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[kahrd] noun

  1. usually a rectangular piece of stiff paper, thin pasteboard, or plastic for various uses, as to write information on or printed as a means of identifying the holder: a 3″ × 5″ file card; a membership card.
  2. Also called greeting card. a piece of paper or thin cardboard, usually folded, printed with a message of holiday greeting, congratulations, or other sentiment, often with an illustration or decorations, for mailing to a person on an appropriate occasion.

What Scrapbooker doesn’t make Cards? It’s wonderfully fulfilling and creative, and uses up scraps that are too small to use on a page, but too big to throw away! Besides, cards today are hugely expensive! They’re also great fun to make!