Scrapbooking: My Passion!

I swore I wouldn’t begin yet another hobby!

But when Grandie #1 made an appearance!
Well you have to showcase the most beautiful Baby in the World!

When #2 came along!
Well the most brilliant, gorgeous, funny, clever, children have to be documented!

Besides, it incorporates all my other crafts,
so it isn’t really new;
it just requires lots of supplies
masses of room
a new camera
a photo quality printer



Ringed Mini-album

These Mini-Albums are very easy to make.
They make wonderful gifts for Moms, Moms-in-law and Grandmothers. Give them on Mothers’ Day, Birthday, Christmas, or just to say you love her!You can have wonderful bonding time together if you choose some photos, quotes, Biblical verses or “Things Mom taught me” together.

Or you can do it alone, and surprise her with a completed,visual and inspirational memento of love.

You will need:
2 sturdy card squares or rectangles for the covers
2 Rings for binding the Album together
Coloured or patterned cardstock for the pages
Embellishments like ribbon, lace, flowers, hearts, beads, embroidery thread, glitter, crystals or whatever you’d like to make your Album special
Letters or write and cut out your own
Double sided tape –the “sellotape” kind
Foam tape – sticky both sides
Glue stick
Paper Punch


  • Decide the size of your photos and cut out a piece of paper to those dimensions to keep checking it fits your design. I’ve used small photos 3’x4’.
  • Trim your card at least 2’ larger than your photo size. Punch holes in one side for the rings to go through.
  • Trim your chosen pages to fit, I like mine to be slightly smaller than the covers.
  • Leave space at the right side of each page before you decorate, for the holes and rings. Choose which will go back to back and punch the holes before you begin. Make sure the holes line up together.
  • Embellish your pages with Tags, labels, ribbon, lace any way you like. Ensuring that there is some way of securing your photos to the page. For example if you use a length of ribbon across the page, ensure you secure only the ends, so your photo may slide in underneath.
  • Your photos will stand out more if you mat them with a contrasting or tonal colour. You can double or triple mat them if you like. Just be sure that they fit the page if angled!
  • Make photo corners from ribbon, lace, paper, flowers, etc.
  • Glue back to back pages together
  • Decorate both sides of your covers
  • Assemble your Album, ensuring the holes are all lined up and secure with the rings.
  • Tie ribbon bows around the rings

See examples of Album Pages for inspiration.

Papercraft: Mini-Albums

Here in South Africa, Mothers’ Day is coming up in May.
I think these Mini-Albums make great  combination Mothers Day Cards and gifts for Moms, Moms-in-law and Grannies too.


The two of you can have meaningful bonding time choosing photos, pictures, words or quotes that are special to the two of you.

Or you can present a completed Album to her,
letting her know how special she is to you.

I hope you enjoy them.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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