Baby Dresses – Shweshwe: A South African Treasure

These dresses are a Custom order. This Granny wanted dresses reminiscent of her home, Africa. I used beautiful fabrics made right here in South Africa, and embellished each with a further reminder of Mother Africa.

The blue, red and brown dresses are made with a crocheted yoke, and the skirt with a South African Fabric called Shweshwe.

  • The Blue dress has a “necklace” of beads and a tiny zebra on the yoke
  • The Red dress has 2 butterflies and an adorable pink elephant on the yoke
  • The Brown dress has 3 African beads on the yoke

Link for the Shweshwe fabric:

The last dress has a crocheted yoke and chiffon tutu skirt

If you would like to know more about ordering a dress for your Princess, please contact me.


Crafty days

This year I have decided to devote time to what this blog was created for – crafts! I have been rather neglectful of that, getting side-tracked by all sorts of other things. Not unworthy, but not what the blog was created for :-).

It took being non-weight bearing to get me back to my love of crafting, specifically crochet. Having to keep my foot above hip level, meant I couldn’t sit in my craft room with all my supplies around me. So crochet it was, and since Christmas was here, that’s what I concentrated on. I thougt I’d continue on in holiday fashion and do Valentines, then Easter, etc. Once again, I got side-tracked! By so many gorgeous patterns!
I decided to crochet for my nieces new baby girl first. Especially as she has been ill in her first 2 months of life, poor little mite! So I’m making her a gorgeous dress and bootees. I hope her mum likes crocheted clothes, I didn’t ask, as she’d be polite anyway. 🙂
I am loving the creative process of crochet again! 🙂