Peg Reindeer Tutorial



3 Wooden Pegs
Red bead
Googly eyes
Red and green felt scraps
Small piece of fluffy wool or pompom for tail
Paper ribbon for antlers
Black paint or pen

 Remove springs from pegs.


Glue two pegs together to make body and legs, turn other peg around and glue to form head and antlers.


Glue on googly eyes and nose
Attach bell with thread or string, and use string to make a loop to hang from tree


Glue on large and small red and green ovals for saddle
Glue on tail
Cut 2 pieces of paper ribbon and curl to make antlers. Glue in place
Colour hooves and antlers


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Angelic Choir Tutorial


 Marga this little Negro Angel is for you


Bead or polystyrene ball for head
Light and dark flesh coloured stocking
Red and green felt or other fabric for dress
Net or feathers for wings
Wool for hair
Bead eyes
Paper for songbooks
White felt for gloved hands
Polyester stuffing



Cut out dress and sleeves.
Insert bead or ball in flesh coloured stocking, tie off and cut a ‘neck’.

Insert into neck of dress and close back.
Sew or glue back and arm seams.


 Sew or glue wings to back of the sleeves,
then sew or glue sleeves at shoulder height and slightly around sides of dress.
Sew or glue gloves into place and sew or glue song book onto one or both hands.


Wrap wool around two fingers, and tie in the middle.


Cut opposite the tie.


Put glue on the back and sides of the head, and glue wool ‘wig’ in place,
ensure the strands are equally spread. Trim


Stuff dress lightly with polyester stuffing to give shape.


Attach a loop to top of head to hang from tree.

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My Christmas Crafts: Snowman Tutorial



Cut a saucer sized piece of white net – body
Cut a Coffee cup rim sized piece of net – head


Sew small running stitches into the edge of the net and leave a tail to close.


Take a large piece of polyester stuffing, form into a ball,
place into middle of net and gather top together and knot thread to hold.
Repeat with the head.


Sew the two balls together tightly.
Pinch a piece of net and stuffing down the side and sew a line of stitches to represent arms.


 Take 2 or 3 long threads of red, green and white wool, tie a knot at one end,
and plait the strands together to make a long scarf for your snowman.
Tie the other end in a knot.


 Glue or sew on bead eyes, and orange coloured nose and smiling mouth.


 Wrap and tie on the scarf. You can add a hat if you like.


Make a loop of thread at the top of his head to hang him from the tree,
or insert an opened paper clip into the top of his head to hang from.

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My Handmade Christmas

Well, as most of you know,
I have been laid-up for 8 weeks, with my broken ankle;
non-weight-bearing and  elevated above heart and hip.

It has been the perfect opportunity to get creative.
That is, once the depression and “poor-me” wore off!
These are some of the things I decided to do.

The Grandies especially enjoyed them
and the Christmas Tree looked great.

I crocheted my niece a bobbly scarf,
taught Whitney to bake spicy biscuits and fudge,
and decoupage herself a salt box
to hold her handmade lavender bath salts.

Creative, productive and thoroughly enjoyable!

BTW I hope to do some tutorials on these and other crafts this year! Lol

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