Monster Bean Bag Toss Game DIY

I made a Bean Bag Toss board and bags for my Grandsons for Christmas.

The board is made from Medium Density Fibre-board (MDF)
Mine is about twice as long as wide.
The dimensions are as you like.


I drew a monster face, with a big mouth to toss the bags through.
The mouth should be in the top half of the board.
I added felt “teeth” at the back of the board.
Use acrylic paints to make your monster colourful, and remember,
little kids prefer a friendlier monster!


The Bean Bag Monsters were just free-hand shapes
cut our of various brightly coloured and patterned fabrics.
I added eyes and mouths, out of fleece and felt
and appendages as I liked.
Then stuffed them with polyester stuffing and sewed closed.
Just be sure they all fit through the mouth hole!


Baby Stacy makes

I have been blissfully busy for a year
with projects to make for our new Granddaughter.

Stacy Jean is an adorably sweet angel.
The Paediatrician says she is a “Tiny”.
I am enjoying her immensely.
She is a calm, sweet baby,
and has had no problems with winds or anything.
Her smiles melt my heart,
and she is learning to laugh – very funny!

A Chariot for the Princess

The pram and car seat for our little girl
was BLUE, and slightly worn
Not fair, and not fit for a princess!
So I revamped it
with a new car seat cover
recovered the blue
in a lovely cream and brown tartan

I added a removable seat cover
with soft padding
and belt pads too
for extra comfort
and so it is easy to wash
a head rest and mobile are coming next!

Baby Dresses – Shweshwe: A South African Treasure

These dresses are a Custom order. This Granny wanted dresses reminiscent of her home, Africa. I used beautiful fabrics made right here in South Africa, and embellished each with a further reminder of Mother Africa.

The blue, red and brown dresses are made with a crocheted yoke, and the skirt with a South African Fabric called Shweshwe.

  • The Blue dress has a “necklace” of beads and a tiny zebra on the yoke
  • The Red dress has 2 butterflies and an adorable pink elephant on the yoke
  • The Brown dress has 3 African beads on the yoke

Link for the Shweshwe fabric:

The last dress has a crocheted yoke and chiffon tutu skirt

If you would like to know more about ordering a dress for your Princess, please contact me.

My Altered Bag for Knitting Projects


Never being able to find a bag of the right size to cart my knitting around in, I decided to make one. I spotted this fabric shopping tote and a light went on!
I started with the pockets on the outside: 2 pairs of knitting needles, a ruler, tape measure, scissors, pencil, notebook, glasses, tissues (space for chocolate actually), a strip for row counters and stitch holders, 2 sizes of row counters attached with large and medium safety pins. Plus a couple of extra pockets. I also added a knit ruffle here and there. 🙂
Inside I divided into 2 sections with a partition, and added a large pocket for the pattern.
I’m very happy with it. I’ve made another smaller one for crochet, which also holds a pouch for my hooks plus the other accessories. Perfect!

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