Just a few books worth reading, I think

These are a few books that I think all women should read.
They may sound similar, but are not.
The wisdom contained in them
Is priceless and profound.
I loved them

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh – a must-read for every mom – wisdom on relationships and juggling the details of life

A Year By The Sea by Joan Anderson – Empty Nest Syndrome – Joan Anderson does something totally unexpected – She takes a year’s sabbatical – from her marriage and her  life. “Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman gradually evolved. I didn’t run away to write a book. I was too brain dead to do that. I ran away to get rid of the clutter in my life and listen to what my heart was trying to tell me. My two sons were out of the nest, my husband was pursuing his dreams, and I needed to ask myself some hard questions without relying on the input of others. So I retreated to our Cape Cod cottage (off season) and gradually– as I walked the beaches, ran into a fascinating mentor, and took a job in a fish market–came up with some unconventional answers for a new life.”  

An Unfinished Marriage by Joan Anderson – In this moving sequel to her national bestseller A Year by the Sea,  Joan Anderson explores the challenges of rebuilding and renewing a marriage with her trademark candor, compassion, and insight.

 A Walk On The Beach by Joan Anderson – “One thing I was not expecting, nor looking for, was a mentor—someone who would guide me and yet not have a stake in what I became. Joan Erikson’s life cycle logic has become a part of what I share with women who also are in search of their strengths. Understanding the phases of a woman’s life and how vital we are until the end, are gifts that Joan Erikson would have me pass on. In fact, the book is written so that the reader is mentored by Joan Erikson and then mentors others.”

The Second Journey by Joan Anderson – “We are born to be ourselves—in need of upgrading the gene—to look back again and again and befriend that person you once intended to become. Life, like a beach, is always rearranging itself. The trick is to welcome and then work with, not against the changes. We are in a constant state of metamorphosis, experiencing conflicts for which we must find resolution and in doing so deepening our innate strengths. Knowing, acknowledging and celebrating the phases all women go through—how we’ve risen above our angst—respecting our very determination—that is the fodder needed to continue our independent journeys. The goal is to come of age in the middle of life rather than live out our days lacking purpose and energy. It’s all about rearranging our lives in our own image.”

A Weekend To Change Your Life by Joan Anderson – “It is no easy trick to unravel a self, to drop old habits and climb out the box. When I looked back on how I managed to change my life during that year by the sea (and then develop a workshop program that would help other women do the same) it all boiled down to the six R’s. A woman would need to retreat, retrieve strengths from her past, repair the worn parts of her body and soul, regroup by getting rid of unnecessary baggage, regenerate by taking new paths and having adventure, and then (and only then) return to her old life as a new person!”

Read them,
You’ll be glad you did.


12 thoughts on “Just a few books worth reading, I think

  1. Dear Lisa, I know exactly what you mean! They could have been my story, not the details, but the drained emotion, the deep need, the survival instinct! I think she saved me in many ways. I know I found my way back to myself, my marriage, my family and the life I have. It could all have been so different.
    I have resolved to start at book one again, as a refresher, but this time from a position of strength within, to be the best me I can be!
    I’m so happy you took them down off the shelf! Blessed reading!


  2. I am SOOO on these books. Isn’t it funny, I have two of them on my shelf that I never got around to reading – A Year By The Sea and A Weekend To Change Your Life.
    This post comes at the perfect time for me. These subjects speak to me loud and clear. These are questions I ask myself and challenges that I struggle with daily.
    Thanks, Charlene!!! You must have been inspired!


    • Sorry Lisa, I wrote a reply that escaped into cyber world! Please try to read book 2 before A Weekend … It’ll be so worthwhile. I hope some questions will be easier to find answers for. She struck into the heart of some reall issues very masterfully


      • I’m halfway through A Year By The Sea. I have my pencil out and am underlining like crazy. At first I felt like I was reading my life story! How does she know my issues so well?! Lots of good insights and very profound answers to some of my most challenging life issues.
        I’ll check back with you as I move down the list. (I love her recommendation to have an animal in your life to keep you grounded. So true.)
        Thanks again! You were inspired ; )


    • Hello Heather, I don’t do Book recommendations as a rule. I love popular Murder/Mysteries and they get plenty. However I enjoy inspirational, self-awareness and self-worth books aimed particularly at women. Joan Anderson wrote a book about her situation and, like Topsy, it just growed!


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